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May 19, 2024

Hello there,

I hope you’re having a good day. Can you smell the flowers?

If you think about it, the internet isn’t too different from an enchanted forest on account of all the mysteries and surprises. I, for one, find myself getting lost far too often. I’m grateful you have spotted me.

I started this dream project in March 2024, for which the seed had been germinating for some years. I'd like it to make a difference in the most humble way. I believe in improving our collective through sharing stories, magic in the form of knowledge, and good nourishment, as nature provides. Earth is a precious gift!

I think I’ll write a mission statement here. Learning is crucial, and I’m positive there’s much to do. My goal is to focus, work hard, and help my friends, neighbours, and loved ones.

Please consider supporting our work.

Kind regards,


It's time to step up the game.

Continuous improvements, concrete ideas, progressing towards a goal, building a team, creating connections, sustainability, design, scaling, community, optimization, solving problems, spreading joy, radiating positivity, stepping out of the comfort zone, learning new things, expressing love, being open to new experiences, taking on challenges, strength, resilience, commitment, smiling